Top Places Worthy of Visiting When In Albany

Albany is the capital city of the state of New York.   It is also known as the Capital Region or the Capital District.  The greater metro area is comprised of Albany, Troy and Schenectady and is home to almost 800,000 people.  When you are visiting this state, come to Albany which will give you a unique cultural flavor that has been part of the history of this region. It is located north of New York City and lies by the western banks of the Hudson River.

This area saw the first European settlement back in the 17th century. Dutch colonists settled here who built the Fort Nassau and Fort Orange around the same time. The settlers formed relations with the Mohawk and the Mohican people who were two major Native American tribes in this region. Later the English took over the region and they named the city, its present name in honor of Duke Albany. Among the original British colonies in the country Albany saw the oldest surviving settlement till 1797. Consequently, the colonial influences in this region remain apparent even today.

When you come from Albany and decide to take one of the tourist services, New York State capital would be your first stop. This is a grand government building that features in most tours of the region. There are free tours of the building given on weekdays and it acts as the seat of the New York government. The building is an imposing structure with architecture that dates back to Renaissance times.

Your next stop will be the New York Museum. The state story is told where through art and exhibits. The museum is huge and it traces the cultural and natural past of the state which includes artifacts of the 9/11 episode as well.  

Jon Boyd Thatcher State Park is a natural area of tourist attraction here. This park is known for climbing terrain and waterfall. It is a popular hiking area as well.  Our friends, Tommy & Sarah, who own Ultimate Roofing in Schenectady, have lived here all their lives and have young kids who love all the outdoor activities you can experience as a family.

Empire State Plaza is another place that is a must visit when you are in Albany. With a guided tour you can get details about the building which serves as a complex of government buildings. The complex was built in the 20th century in the downtown area of the city.

Ensure that you also include the Albany Institute of History and Art as your next stop. This regional history museum that was founded in the year 1791 is a venerable museum where one can explore artifacts of local history and culture.