The Top Things You Will Want To See In Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is the port city of Chile and is one of the favorite South American tourist destinations for globetrotters.

  • Puerto Varas – a little and attractive Chilean town

If you do not like to travel a lot and want to see an attractive place within the span of 25 kilometers, then Puerto Varas is an ideal place. This is a lake town north of Puerto Montt and is known for its attractive and color filled cathedral. This small and old-fashioned town is very picturesque and you can click some of the amazing snaps here. 

  • Reloncavi Sound – enjoy beautiful evening on this inlet

This is the water body on which the Puerto Montt is situated on. It is a giant inlet that finally flows into the south cold waters. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful inlet from a boat or a kayak. You also can drive along the coast to explore it from all angles.

  • Osorno Volcano – snow capped peak that melts your heart 

This is a very similar looking volcano peak to that of the Mount Fuji in Japan. It is very attractive and picturesque that will tempt you to try out hiking to reach its summit. The snow-laden peak is located in between the Lago Toda Los Santos.

  • Alerce Andino National Park – an attractive park to have great family time

This park offers the right kind of atmosphere and the ambiance to enjoy some quality time with your family. It has greenery everywhere and is loaded with huge trees, rivers, big ferns, and landscapes. It is located just 40 kilometers from the center of Puerto Montt.

  • Plaza de Armas & Iglesia Catedral – a popular tourist spot for visitors

This cathedral located on the Plaza de Armas was built in 1856 and is an architectural marvel that should never be missed. This is where the oldest building of the town is located.