Drumheller: Excavating The City Of Dinosaurs

All this while, I had known Drumheller as a famous dinosaur destination for the summer months. However, visiting the city I came to realize that there is a lot more to it than just the dinosaurs. There are various things to explore all throughout the year. Apart from the numerous museums containing skeletons of dinosaurs, there are other things to check. Here are some of the best tourist attractions of Drumheller.

  • Dinosaur Trail

Take a drive around the Dinosaur Trail. The barren and steep slope has been washed down by rain and wind for revealing the skeletons of the dinosaur. It has also carved pillar shaped like the mushrooms called the hoodoos. The scenic beauty is sure to enthrall you. I climbed the large tyrannosaurus rex sculpture which is known to be the biggest in the world. There is also a ferry to take you across the Red Deer River.

  • Badlands

Northeast of Calgary, you will find the Badlands. Take a tour of these flat and partly irrigated land prior to reaching Drumheller. Do not forget to check out the Horseshoe Canyon, the large chasm which is like a mini Grand Canyon. The natural excellence of the canyon will take you by surprise.

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum

Visit the museum to take a look at the hundreds of fossils which includes the skeletons of dinosaurs. The modern-day technique has brought back the history of millions of years back to life in this museum. Here, I got an insight into the evolution of life on our planet. Established in the year 1985, it attracts significant acclamation for exhibit and research facilities for paleontology.

  • Dry Island Buffalo Jump

Want to go out for some outdoor activities then do not miss out on this provincial park. I could catch a glimpse of several kinds of birds. If you want, you can also go canoeing.