Bristol: This Tourist-Infested City Will Always Leave You Wanting For More

Bristol, the town in England is situated along the Bristol Channel and is most popular in the country since it is one of the oldest ports operating until now. As soon as I landed in Bristol, I was struck by the history, maritime history that the place has and that blended with the amazing English culture and the kind people gave me an experience which I would relish forever. Just like other English cities, even this one has a wide variety of art museums and galleries, 30 in number to be specific. If you are a family, I would definitely ask you to visit the Bristol Zoo Gardens where you can spend your family time together in the evening catching the sights of the city around you.

  • The harbor is definitely the first place that you must visit. Alongside the harbor is also the Bristol Aquarium and many warehouses of the ships have been turned into shops and contemporary art which you must have a look into surely.
  • St Mary Redcliffe is also the next one on your list. This church is known for dating back to centuries old and as soon as you land at the entrance, you will be welcomed by an extremely intricately designed doorway. It is located south of the main floating harbor of Bristol.
  • The SS Great Britain is a ship which docks in the same harbor from which it was launched over 150 years ago. This vehicle is now open to be viewed by tourists and in the tour, you can explore the upper and lower decks of the ship while also looking at the first class seating for the passengers.

A visit to Bristol is a must and we would recommend staying here for at least four days.