Bacharach: Explore One Of The Prettiest Town Of Germany

Nothing seems to have changed in the town of Bacharach. What’s took my heart away was the scenic beauty of the long stretch of Rhine Valley. The rich vineyard, the hillsides, and the river are just perfect for a vacation. You should know that it is one of the best preserved medieval towns of Germany.

Here are some of the things that you should definitely do to make your trip a memorable one.

Take a trip to the fairy land

Visit the village on the banks of Rhine River. The narrow streets and the timbered houses will be a treat for the eyes. I came to learn from the local people that most of the building had been built in the 16th century. What’s interesting is that they appear attractively crooked. There is a stone bridge over the river and is great for taking a walk. Just take a stroll and enjoy the view.

Drop in at Burg Stahleck

Visit the Burg Stahleck which is 560 meters above sea level. It had been developed by Cologne’s archbishop. It is protected from the town. As a matter of fact, tolls are known to be collected for the purpose of trade passing. A look around told me that it is fortified and is also surrounded by a moat which is partial. Take a look from the windows of the castle to catch the breathtaking view of the river.

Go for a cruise on the Rhine

Going on a cruise along the Rhine is the best thing that you can do. As a matter of fact, many people come to the city traveling on a cruise. Here, you will receive endless entertainment and going to have a fun time. The cruise is pretty popular with visitors from all over the world.